New Raised Bed with Sod by JSV Lawn Care Service

One of our clients asked us to come up with a solution to fix their front lawn, that is uneven, full of weeds, full of left over stumps and roots that was not ground down properly several years ago, and get a better slope away from the house. We removed and replaced the old 6×6 landscape timbers with new ones, we also remove the layer of old turf / sod that was full of weeds, cut and dug out as many roots and stumps as possible. Once we had cleared the sod, stumps and roots out, we also removed a few inches of old dirt and added several yards of clean topsoil and some new 6×6 landscape timbers as a new outside border to outline the yard. We then installed sod and watered it for a good soaking. This service was performed in Montgomery Village, which is located in Montgomery County Maryland. This service was performed by JSV Lawn Care Service.