Deck Power Washing and Clear Sealing by JSV Lawn Care Service

We provided several of our clients with our deck power washing / pressure washing services over the past few weeks, we handle moving all furniture and items that are on the decks, so you do not need to worry about the hassles of having to remove anything, no heavy lifting. We clean the deck and then hose of the deck to wash of any left over debris that maybe left, this including on the walls of the house and fences. If the deck is a composite deck, once the power washing / pressure washing is done, we are finished and there normally is no further treatment needed or required. If the deck is a treated wood deck, we normally will come back within a few days and apply a coating of Thompson Clear Waterproof Sealer to the treated wood decks as needed, if it is painted or stained deck, we will paint or stain in the same color or a different color upon request. This service was performed in Montgomery Village and Gaithersburg, which is located in Montgomery County Maryland. This service was performed by JSV Lawn Care Service.