Available Services

This is a general list of services we offer, if you are interested in a service not listed, inquire via email or phone, All services are available for both residential and commercial properties.
1) Lawn Mowing of yards with grass up to 3 foot tall, from townhouse front yards to multi acre lots.
2) Mulching of flower beds, tree rings, hedge rows and open areas.
3) Debris Clean Ups for small amounts to several truck loads of debris.
4) Leaf Removal for townhouses to multi acre properties.
5) Hedge and Shrub installation, removals, regular to extreme trimming.
6) Flower Bed installation, maintenance and removals.
7) Lawn Aeration for compaction of lawns, with plugging.
8) Snow Removal from 2 inches to 3 foot snow falls, along with salting or de-icing services.
9) Garden Tilling with sizes from 2 foot x 10 foot, to multi acre lots.
10) Tree’s minor trimming, fallen tree removals, storm clean ups, and small tree installations.
11) Weeding of flower beds, mulch beds, tree rings, by hand pulling or minor tilling.
12) Garden Ponds installations, cleaning, maintenance of pond.
13) Seeding and Sod installation from small patches to multi acre properties.
14) Gutter Cleaning and Repair with normal bi yearly cleaning, to leaking gutters, reattaching spikes or downspouts.
15) Power Washing (Pressure Washing) of houses, townhouses, decks, patios, walkways, driveways, fences and more.
16) Grading and Clearing areas that contain saplings, small tree’s and overgrowth and debris.
17) Edging of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, flower beds, mulch beds, tree rings and any area that needs a clean neat appearance.
18) Yard Drain’s and Gutter Drain’s installed in a yard or attached to a gutter downspout.